Elite Meetings

Taking a sucessful platform and expanding it to mobile and more!

May 2013 - Dec 2014


The Client

Elite Meetings International a company small tight-knit group that aimed to be a user-centered event planning and hotel managing web portal before it branched out into the mobile device world with event software for real time events. Elite's identity was characterized by its clean design, ease of use, security and trustworthiness.


Quartly Events for AttendeeHub


RFP's sent daily


Multiple Challenges

As the company's product became more solid and reliable, the business focus switched to the acquisition of users. One major project was their system and marketing emails needed a complete overhaul.

Elite needed to


Users' Engagement

My strategy


Responsive Emails



Users' Interest


A Trustworthy Identity and Mobile adoption


The Approach


When I was hired the email system was antiquated and needed to be updated. I created a responsive template for their automated emails generated on the backend of SpeedRFP as well as their marketing emails. I performed extensive user testing on multiple platforms and devices before any of these went live.

The Map

Casing out what email trigger when users or system actions took place.

elite Colors

New Responsive Email

Be it a desktop, cellphone or tablet these worked beatifully.

elite BR
elite Software

Planner/Hotelier Dashboard

Working with engineers and our lead designer we focused on what components would be needed in our new hotel dashboard for planners and hoteliers. I poured over data that each type of end user would need. I concluded what would be required and presented in our dashboard. These are some of the components being drawn up and placed in the images below. This was the start of the discovery and exploration for this project. I later evaluated these placements with heat-mapping and other analytic tools.

elite Software
elite Software
elite Software

Speed RFP mobile support

Speed RFP is an old product, it has been around since the early 2000's. Unfortunately, it never had mobile support which is why I was hired by EMI. This is my work on the pre-planning of SpeedRFP for mobile devices. All prototypes were created in inVision for live prototyping and usability testing.

elite  Mobile

SRFP mobile mockups

elite Network

AttendeeHub work

My work on AttendeeHub for Elite was intriguing, fun and it allowed me to work with a team that created the platform from the ground up. All discussions and project planning were done with engineers and project managers in a fast-paced agile environment. This allowed us to bring this software to desktop and mobile environments quickly. We decided on a Ruby on Rails based responsive application would allow us to forgo a native application development and later release date.

elite Colors


The Results

The new emails improved user interactions and adaption of SpeedRFP. AttendeeHub was well received at events and the gamification and ability for users to engage on a social level also added to the user adoption and experience. SpeedRFP mobile upgrades were a significant improvement and allowed planners to use the system at events and didn't require them to be at arm’s reach of a laptop or PC. They were now using their tablets and phones. Elite Meetings was acquired in Dec, 2014 due to a rock solid product and team being behind it and of course being a leader in the space