Echo Audio

Managing Identity and Web presence

Sept 2012 - May 2014


The Client

Founded on March 1984, Echo is now a leader in AVB ( Audio Video Bridging ) technology for the automotive and R&D industries.

Their mission, is to make AVB products for automotive & professional audio systems, as well as ease of use and intuitive testing and measurement software for everyone.


Product for Automotive testing


Full stack AVB testing software and API


The Challenge

Echo Audio needed help from a design partner to quickly move forward in the creation of communication pieces for its users.

Echo Audio needed to


B2B' Share Base

AVB Awareness

My strategy


Echo Audio's AVB Technologies



AVB a new automotive standard


A tech buzz


The Approach

Understanding the technical complexities of AVB so I could convey them to prospective buyers and early adapters.


Chosen as the ultimate visual language to display real products, and communicate Echo Audio’s professionalism. All photos were taken by me as well as, any post work on these images.

Website Design

Landing Pages (Iterations)

Echo Home
Echo BR
Echo Software

Some Other Sections

echo Wallet
Echo Work
Echo study

Website Development

Professional Audio and AVB has had a presence for over 25+ years. Their AVB business is brand new. Most professional audio users currently don't have a need for AVB and since no products exist currently for Echo's professional audio equipment, I decided it would be in the company's best interest to create a second site that focuses on AVB strictly. This way Echo's two businesses are separate and the SEO for each is unique and directed towards the correct prospective customer.

Business to Business

My challenge was to develop Echo Audio’s B2B creating more relationships with the Automotive and R&D industries. Being true to Echo Audio’s standards, creating a clear message as well as including very detailed specifications to get engineers, programmers as well as executives interested in Echo's products.

Product showcase

I storyboarded, designed, and created the 3d assets and animation for this piece for their USB Echo2 Product.


The Results


Monthly Active Users on Site